Although Norway is rich in high-quality fish and other seafood, Norwegian residents are moving away from these products. At present, the consumption of salmon and other seafood is at its lowest level in at least 20 years, and soaring prices are the main reason why residents stay away from consuming seafood. According to data from Flesland Market Information, the per capita consumption of seafood in Norway in 2003 was 21.22 kilograms. As of 2022, this figure is 18.96 kilograms, a decrease of nearly 11%.

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The Norwegian Seafood Authority stated that the reasons for the decrease in consumption of seafood by Norwegian residents are complex, with a lack of knowledge about product production, storage, and availability among consumers. The most important factor is the continuous rise in prices, which has reduced consumers' desire to purchase. A survey by the Norwegian Marine Products Agency found that in fact, up to 70% of Norwegian residents expressed a willingness to eat more fish. In order to further understand the consumption of seafood, the survey agency conducted statistics on the frequency of people consuming seafood. The survey expanded its scope and found that Portuguese people eat the most fish in the country, with over 70% of respondents saying they eat seafood twice or more a week, with Germans and Swedes ranking last.