Norwegian salmon rebounded in the first week of July, increasing 3.36% month on month. The average price per kilogram of farmed Atlantic salmon rose by 2.97 Norwegian krone to 91.2 Norwegian krone. In fact, the average price fell by 16.31% in the past four weeks and 23.52% in the past 12 weeks.

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The price of 2-3 kg salmon is 69.83 Norwegian krone per kg, down 2.26 Norwegian krone; The price of 3-4kg salmon is 85.78 Norwegian krone, down 0.04 Norwegian krone; The price of 4-5kg salmon is 95.42 Norwegian krone, and the price has increased by 5 Norwegian krone; 5-6kg salmon sells for 107.9 Norwegian krone, with a price increase of 9.4 Norwegian krone. In the first five months of this year, Norway exported 17697 tons of salmon to China, with export revenue of 2.46 billion Norwegian krone, twice the volume of the same period in 2022. In Asia, China has always been the most important trading partner of Norwegian salmon. Market demand is changing, and Chinese consumers have increasingly high requirements for product quality.