According to the Chilean Salmon Council, Chile's exports of farmed salmon and trout in 2022 reached US $6.6 billion, up 27.3% year on year. In Chile, salmon is the second largest export product after copper, with an export value of 43.9 billion US dollars in 2022. However, with the sharp increase in the market demand for lithium, salmon fell to the third place. In 2022, Chilean salmon and trout accounted for 6.8% of the export commodity income, and if only non-identical products were considered, it accounted for 12.3%.

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Chilean Salmon Council is a trade organization, including AquaChile, Australis, Cermaq, Mowi and Salmons Ays é n and other enterprises, which can account for more than half of Chilean salmon production. The Chilean Salmon Council believes that the increase in Chilean salmon imports is mainly due to the increase in the cost of salmon production inputs, the increase in global demand and the instability of global market supply and demand.