On November 6, the Norwegian Seafood Museum held a grand opening ceremony. With the theme of "Norway, a large country of marine products", Norwegian Marine Products Bureau joined hands with eight Norwegian marine products export enterprises to show the audience high-quality Norwegian marine products, including salmon, blue and white fish, Arctic cod, Arctic sweet shrimp and red king crab.

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China and Norway are long-term cooperative partners in the field of marine products. Over the past two decades, Norwegian and Chinese maritime industry partners have worked closely to promote the vigorous development of Norwegian marine products in the Chinese market. In view of the high-quality development of China's economy and the strong vitality of China's consumer market, Norwegian Marine Products Bureau is optimistic about the development prospects of China's marine product consumer market. In the future, we will continue to tap the potential and demand of China's consumer market, and work together with our industrial partners to deepen the Chinese market.