During the Asian Seafood Expo (SEA) held in Singapore's Xinda Convention and Exhibition Center on September 14-16, 2022, Geoff Krause of the Pacific Sea urchin Fishers Association (PUHA) said that members of the Association had been increasing their exports to many different markets in Asia. Japan used to account for 90% of exports, but now only 50%.

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Geoff Krause believes that the Asian market is still crucial to the export of sea urchins, and face-to-face activities held in the region will help to establish relations with buyers. Japan has always been the largest export market for sea urchins, but Asia is now a more developed export region. Geoff Krause said that last year, we carried out a large number of live sea urchin marketing activities in China. Chinese consumers have a great preference for fresh food. At the same time, the sales of sea urchin in the Korean market are also increasing.