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On August 29th, the 9th Shanghai International Food and Drinks Expo of the 13th Shanghai International Fisheries Expo was officially opened at the W1-W5 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Smartfoods is also very honored to be invited to participate, the booth number is W1 Hall H032.

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Shanghai International Fisheries Expo can be said to be a global fresh industry, and all the practitioners are looking forward to the event. It is not only the industry's top collision, but also a rare opportunity for experience exchange. As one of the most international exhibition platforms, Shanghai International Fisheries Expo has experienced 12 years of development. Therefore, although it only has three days, it can attract the attention of tens of thousands of people around the world.


This year's Fisheries Expo has opened a total of 5 exhibition halls, 1,500 exhibitors, 7 forums and concurrent events. The number of visitors on the first day of the opening reached 21,769. It is foreseeable here, the whole fresh industry will be presented. The magnificent scenery of flowers.


Gathering the global exhibitors
The industry will eventually bloom


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Since the opening of the Fisheries Expo on the 29th, the audience attending the on-site registration has been endless. During the peak hours, the audience registration area has been blocked by enthusiastic guests. Not only that, but the major stations and event sites are constantly flowing. As a frequent visitor to the Fair, the exhibition area of Smartfoods has also been widely praised by the audience. The employees of Smartfoods are really feeling the enthusiasm of the exhibition and the huge potential of the market. They are all motivated and strive for the upper reaches.

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At the same time, in addition to many outstanding domestic exhibitors, there are many from the United States, South Korea, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Ecuador, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland. Exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions including Wales, Sri Lanka and Taiwan have made their debut. The exhibits cover dietary materials, seafood, aquaculture technology, machinery and equipment, and ocean fishing. This undoubtedly adds to the appreciation of the event, making the fish fair full of gold.

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Top Convergence·2018 China Salmon Development Industry Summit Forum
China's salmon era has arrived

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In addition to the attention of the Fisheries Expo, on August 29th, the “2018 China·Salmon Industry Development Summit Forum” was officially held, and Smartfoods was the chief sponsor of the forum.

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It can be said that this is a high-end banquet that brings together the world's top salmon practitioners. It is a major producer of salmon from all over the world. Norwegian, Chilean, Australian, New Zealand and other famous brands of salmon producers debut, while the main domestic salmon Importers and distributors, salmon processing plants, as well as back-end channel procurement representatives, new retail, e-commerce, business super, large restaurant chain groups also gathered at the scene.


Therefore, this event is in the eyes of the industry, it is a refined and upgraded Chinese salmon culture, which will surely promote the prosperity of the salmon industry in China. For Smartfoods, being a representative and backbone of this event is both an honor and a responsibility.


Smartfoods's strength is recognized by all parties
I won many awards and was praised as "deserved"

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As the backbone of the domestic fresh industry, Smartfoods has once again grasped the opportunities and challenges given by this era, and has captured the recognition of experts in the industry one after another with its own efforts.

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To this end, as a pioneer, Smartfoods in this world's top event, relying on the brand's own years of precipitation, based on professionalism, integrity, innovation, and advancing, showcasing the development and leading spirit of the industry. Successfully listed on the "Top Ten Most Influential Importers of Chinese Salmon in 2018". For the Baiji International, the heavy medal is recognition and mission, and it is also a determination to continuously improve and develop together.


For the development of the industry, Smartfoods is a pioneer. After listening to the talk about "sustainable development under the growth of the global salmon industry". Smartfoods expresses itself that it will always support the integration of the industry model from feed to table, from the source to control quality, under the premise of sustainable, the majority of consumers, suppliers, providing quality products and the best interests as the principle Driven by, in the forefront of the industry, to expand this blue revolutionary team.


"Strength and responsibility coexist" is the external evaluation of Smartfoods. This time, the Shanghai Fishing Fair, Smartfoods has finally been recognized, and has won numerous awards such as “China's Top Ten Most Influential Importers of Salmon” and “Excellent Seafood and Food Suppliers”. In the future, Baiji International will use its strength. Carrying honors keep moving forward.


The salmon market has broad prospects
Smartfoods determines the market principle


The prospect of domestic salmon consumption market is broad and obvious. The increase in purchasing power from Asia is the most critical in China, and it can be seen.


So far, the export volume of Norwegian salmon has increased by 96%. In 2018, the consumption of the family's global Atlantic salmon has also gradually increased, which has led to an increasing number of processed products at the terminal. The inevitable result is tight supply. It is estimated that by 2025, the demand for salmon in the Chinese market will reach 240,000 tons. Faced with such a huge demand, this will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for the domestic supply of fresh ingredients. challenge.


As a fresh food supply company, Smartfoods is more willing to start from its own quality and stand firm in its own position to improve every step of the supply chain. Use the strength to seek more cooperation with international salmon companies, to create the quality of the entire product chain, and constantly improve the boutique seafood import channels.


At the same time, facing the arrival of the era of fresh food, Smartfoods will also recast the spirit of Smartfoods, in order to let more and more people in the industry enter the high-end era of fine seafood and high-quality seafood.


Stable and steady casting of iron and blood
Carefully laid out to build the best quality of Smartfoods


"I hope that as long as you mention Smartfoods, people in the industry can think of high quality." This is a phrase often said by the president of Smartfoods, and in his opinion, Baiji International will become a master of iron and blood. It is the iron and blood division that is needed in this fresh age, and it is also the team that can bring the best products to this market.


Therefore, in order to implement this unchanging principle, the Smartfoods team went to the country of origin and established long-term strategic partnerships with quality suppliers in major countries of origin such as Canada, the United States, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Chile.


At the same time, it has successfully established urban distribution centers in eight major cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing and Ningbo. With the main goal of radiating the distribution center to all major cities in the country, we will build a fresh distribution network of Smartfoods to achieve top-down control to ensure that our products can be safely delivered to dealers. In the hands of consumers, it provides the greatest benefit to downstream customers.


The exhibition of the fishing fair is a milestone in the development of Smartfoods, and it is also a testimony and affirmation of Smartfoods. Of course, the fishing fair will end, but the spirit of Smartfoods will continue unswervingly, as the same stream, leading the industry forward.