Shrimp, as the most common aquatic product in the Chinese market, consumption is increasing year by year. But the red-hot shrimp products have recently been in a state of quiet embarrassment. China's shrimp industry, why is the end of the year business bad?
The reason is likely to be the high price of stock, very unfortunate to encounter the decline of the market, can only fall into the hands.
1. Buy or not? That's the question
According to one industry source, many clients in shrimp imports before they order futures prices fell, made deposit, but now the price of shrimp imports falling, they don't want to refund the deposit already, also don't want to take goods copulation, basic on the sidelines. But prices will surely continue to fall in the years to come, so now importers are caught in a dilemma.
In the global seafood market seminar ended shortly (GSMC) - prawns on the BBS, some experts say China's importers in order to reserve a large amount of supply during the Spring Festival, but most of the product price is on the high side, causing chaos market time. Although the dealers wanted to buy, they were deterred by the high price.
Some friends will say, imported shrimp is not good to sell, we sell domestic shrimp. But I'm sorry, the domestic shrimp life is more difficult.
2. Domestic shrimp, "rising" sound.
In 2017, domestic shrimp production "hit bottom", only 525,000 tons, and the booming market demand caused the price of live shrimp to rise sharply. Recently, as south China, east China and other places are affected by the cold wave, further aggravate the shrimp price soaring.
Last week, the price of shrimp ponds in xuwen district of zhanjiang was up to 78 yuan per kilogram, and soon after that, local farmers told them that the prawn would soon reach 80 yuan/kg.
Jiangsu rudong small and medium-sized shrimp prices are basically up 8-10 yuan/kg. At present, the storage capacity can basically maintain supply and demand. In low temperature, the price of prawn shrimp with good health will continue to run high.
The price of shrimp in north China, where shandong and hebei are located, continues to rise. Among them, tangshan was attacked this week, and the price of shrimp with 30 tails shot up 14 yuan/kg in a week, and the price was basically stable. The supply is short supply, and there is still room for improvement. Shandong shrimp prices continued to rise above 5 yuan per jin this week, the standard 20 tail of the large shrimp basic storage ponds, the prawn basic high prices out of the pond.
Because shrimp constitution is poor in the northeast, the price of shrimp this week is stable, even the price will be reduced slightly. Yingkou farmed out now only 1-2 farmed shrimp, on the market supply of fresh shrimp what comes from guangdong, fujian and other coastal areas, because of high transport costs, the south, and hebei, shandong and other places of prawn has decreased, causing the fresh shrimp market has shrunk, market circulation there were signs of rising price.