The sanya seafood market is booming during the Spring Festival holiday.
At 6:30 p.m., sanya's fresh sea market entered a "full" state. In the spring garden seafood plaza, the parking lot is already full of vehicles, and there are still diners coming. The hall, which can accommodate thousands of people, is packed. A wave of diners ate and the table was immediately taken over by another wave.
"We bought seafood like grouper and snails." Mr. Li, from sichuan province, is waiting to serve. "in sanya, we have to eat seafood. We can't say for sure, freshness is for sure.
From time to time, workers pull carts to fill the stalls and fill the stalls. "The imported Australian lobsters are selling almost one hundred of them a day," said Ms. Deng, the merchant. "they sell 500 every day for the New Year."
"These days we are going to buy goods by 'rob'." Ms. Deng is recommending the local wild white shrimp that have just arrived. "the fishermen go out to sea for the Spring Festival, and these are the long-term cooperative fishermen who are especially left to us." Ms. Deng said that during the holiday season, there was a huge demand for seafood, and they would send in multiple buyers every day to find the goods. "the shrimp, imported from Thailand, sells for 460 yuan a kilo. Red crab, many from guangdong. Two days ago, South American white prawns sold off and went to the downtown supermarket for a replenishment.
"There is no room for the guests now, maybe after eight o 'clock in the evening." Zhang hui, general manager of sanya donghai longpalace food city, is arranging the table. Within three minutes, she had two reservations, and three employees asked if there was a reservation. "A lot of guests are focused on eating seafood for the next few days." "But this year the guests are more and busier."
"Spring garden seafood plaza, locomotive seafood plaza has nearly 10,000 passenger traffic every day." Wang pei, secretary general of sanya seafood stalls, is making statistics on the seafood market. Wang pei said that sanya now has 220 seafood stalls and 13 large seafood processing plazas. "Compared with the off-season, there are several times more guests in peak season."
It is understood that during the lunar New Year holiday, sanya government functional departments send more groups of law enforcement personnel every day, to observe investigations of jurisdiction seafood market, thus the seafood restaurants violation behavior for punishment, during the festival the seafood market smoothly and orderly.