According to industry insiders, the total amount of imported silver cod in China is about 1,000 tons, but the total volume of smuggled and border products can reach about 2000 tons.


If I ask how popular, market acceptability and sales of fish are getting higher in recent years, I believe the cod must be in the list. From past 11 data can see double, according to jingdong raw statistics, this year's "11" double silver cod in New Zealand and Chile frozen salmon line of sales has reached 12 times of the same period last year sales.




A high degree of popularity would double the price of silver cod. After the second half of the year, the price of cod was up about 20 percent, according to the head of market sales at Austral Fisheries, Australia's largest fishing group. As coming to an end in 2017, the Chinese market of importers and dealers have also sounded the stock up war of preparing for the Spring Festival, popular silver cod price momentum, the personage inside course of study that, at least until the end of this month, the price will be rising.

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Jingdong's fresh search for "silver cod" has more than 200 items to choose from




At present, the price of silver cod has reached the historical pinnacle, according to insiders revealed that last year is close to import silver cod price is in 220 yuan, has jumped to 300 yuan this year. The price is too high and the smuggling products are getting worse.


It is understood that the current supply of silver cod in the world is about 26,000 tons, relatively stable, with annual fluctuation of less than 5%. China's silver cod market has grown rapidly in recent years, with a total of 633 tons (ITC data) in 2016. According to industry insiders, however, the Chinese market is close to import silver cod total around 1000 tons, but the total amount of smuggling and border trade products can reach 2000 tons, that is to say, every eat three silver cod, there are two is smuggled, silver cod market needs to be rectified and standardized.


The countries that export silver cod to China mainly include Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, France, Spain, etc. The export volume and amount are as follows:

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Source: haiguan. Info




Asian market for large size silver cod preference, it is understood that before the Asian buyers more choice under 6 kg, 8 kg below or under 10 kg of silver cod, but in recent years more preference for 10 kg of big norms product. Relative to Asian markets, especially China, Japan was once a big importer of silver cod, which has shrunk in recent years. The U.S. market on the other side of the ocean is also much cooler, and the U.S. market is more favorable to Chilean silver snowflakes.


New Zealand's largest Marine fishing, processing and marketing company is a sandford. Recently, in order to improve the processing ability and increase the product diversity, Sanford company as mentioned in the results, will increase in the lift distribution of processing plant a multi-function processing workshops, at the same time to buy new boats San Granit, annual supply of 10000 tons of seafood raw materials for the plant. The processing plant is expected to be completed in the first half of next year, according to the Sanford public relations manager.