Yesterday, the first live freshwater crayfish were exported to South Korea under the supervision of Hangzhou entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau.
Zhejiang and even the whole country export crayfish is very much, but exports are frozen lobster, live freshwater lobster export is still the first time. The export of live freshwater crayfish in South Korea, a total of 100 kg, transported by air way from Hangzhou directly to Seoul, Korea, the fastest night that can appear on the Korean table.
Australia freshwater lobster, also known as "Red Crayfish", originated in Australia, the shape is similar to the sea lobster, is the world's more valuable freshwater shrimp species. The body of the shrimp is greenish brown, and the outer tip of the claw has a membranous red band, which is also called red crayfish. This freshwater shrimps with strong adaptability and wide feeding habits, fast growth, the meat is tender and delicious.
Zhejiang Agricultural Development Co., the company has many years of experience in breeding ecological turtle, guide the diversified development of the business philosophy, the company began breeding new varieties from the Australian freshwater lobster exports to South Korea last year, and put forward the plan to the Hangzhou inspection and quarantine bureau.
Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that after the export intention of enterprises, a number of measures were taken to help enterprises. In the end, the company has successfully won the registration of exporting live lobster breeding enterprises, and has become the first enterprise in Zhejiang province to qualify for living lobster.
Lobster before export, Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff also carried on the declaration of export of aquaculture pond sampling, and sent to the laboratory of nitrofuran, malachite green, crystal violet and other agricultural veterinary drug residues detection project, the test results meet the requirements. So far, the Hangzhou Bureau released the exported goods and issued the animal health certificate.