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Famous seafoods supplier visited Smart Foods HQ office today, we have a meeting and plan for the coming new season.
Smart Foods Annual Meeting was held successfully
A container full of world famous Snow Land brand King Crab, is about to arrive in China. Production date is November, that means the best meat content.
The container of full sizes of Fiordosur Brand King Crab in coming soon. The meat content is amazing for all production is from Oct & Nov.
1 FCL of new season Canadian Spot Prawn is coming soon. 100% sea-frozen, top-quality Spot Prawn, which is a very famous brand in Japanese market, is on the way to China now.
Chilean King Crab Suppliers Come To Smart Foods Office. We have a meeting and discuss the futher cooperation of the coming season. This year we'll import more King Crab production to expand our market occupation.
The suppliers of the No.1 Red Shrimps Brand in Japan visit Smart Foods. We have a meeting, and make a better understanding of each other. More good quality Red Shrimps are on the way.
Smart Foods meets famous Argentina Red Shrimps' supplier in Hong Kong. After the Expo we have dinner together and have a business plan for further cooperation.


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